INADA is the leading manufacturer of massage chairs measured in terms of awards and recognition earned. After some 50 years in the industry, their relentless pursuit of innovation in only matched by their legendary quality control and product performance. INADA massage chairs consistently deliver years of relaxation that no other chair can provide.

Zero-Gravity Massage Position (DUET only)

An ideal massage chair treatment should relax the entire body, while reducing the load on the various muscle groups; it should also massage according to the “S-shaped line” of the human body. INADA has conducted unique and extensive research into techniques to reduce the “post-gravity load” on the human body.

With INADA, the entire massage chair supports the body evenly to reduce the load on muscles. This enables a relaxing massage in a comfortable position that resembles a ‘zero-gravity’ environment.

Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Locator System

INADA’s proprietary Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System correctly locates shiatsu points which vary from person to person depending on body type. This enables effective massage by grasping individual pressing and massage points.

8-Axis Intelligent Massage System (DUET only)

The industry’s first “8-axis intelligent massage system” has realized independent movements for the appropriate treatment amount on each left-right side, in addition to conventional up-down driving and push-out function in the right-left and front-back directions.

This makes possible a personalised muscle stiffness massage which may differ on the left and right sides according to body type and usage.

The 8-axis intelligent massage system provides treatment that closely simulates that of professional human hands, firmly massaging the sub-occipital muscles, trapezius muscles, levator scapulae muscles, rhomboideus muscles, erector muscles of the spine, piriformis muscle, and gluteus maximus in the upper body, toward the center of the body.

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